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I enjoy a good challenge. I love nothing more to be so deep in a problem I am oblivious to my surroundings. At the same time I feel my experiences are under appreciated if I fail to share them with the surrounding community. I have set-up this site to make available: my resources, experiences, and resources I found most useful. I hope you too will find my experience appreciable.

My Accomplishments


  • System Monitor
    Simple in design. Powerful, Flexible, Reliable in the wild. This a simple script that provides monitoring services of any nature. It does what you would expect if an error (or error condition) is detected the appropriate people are notified.
    The beauty of the script is it's flexibility. Any number of servers can be monitored and any server can monitor any number of servers. Each server has their own 'rules' the determine error/error condition.
    The end result is that we can plug-in a new database server, web server, decommissioning a back-up server and are monitoring software adjusts accordingly with minimal monitoring set-up.

  • Stream Box (convert VB to Linux)
    The original code was done by a DIY developer. He did a fine job except when he left, nobody was able to maintain the code base. The original code was done with VB6 and incorporated a lot of the Linux libraries (ffmpeg, avconv, hardware drivers, etc). I was able to step-in and fix the more immediate issues. I also completed some of the work that the previous developer started.
    Circumstances dictated that the VB6 version be retired. I was able to salvage the non VB6 code and migrate it to a Linux environment. Thus ditching the need for the cumbersome xp embedded (which Microsoft also ditched).
    Future builds were done so on Ubuntu and preexisting customers were able to keep their functioning NT (xp embed) boxes until they required upgrades.
    Skills/Technology Utilized:
    Linux-Ubuntu ~ C++ ~ CSharp ~ VB6 ~ VB.NET ~ IIS ~ Apache ~ PHP ~ perl ~ bash ~ dos ~ ffmpeg ~ avconv ~ make

  • Stream Box ProtoType


Listen Up Espanol

Raja The original -Beyond SkinCare

Order Management - Brian Burns/Dave Twmoey


I am the guy that causes you to question your sense of perception. (If he sees things that way and I see things this way – am I am seeing things correctly?)

I set my alarm clock for bed time as opposed to wake-up time. (I hate waking up to the sound of the alarm so I make sure to go to bed on time.)

I walk into a classroom in rural Cambodia that has only; desks, a chalk board, paper and pencils, 30 eleven-year-old students. We walkout with a strong understanding and true experience of: Vectors, Velocity, Force, Momentum and Newton's Laws of Motion. ( I had to buy a few ping-pong balls and some super glue.)

I am not a hacker because it is an information-age buzz word. I am a hacker because I see the world a bit differently. This different perspective yields outcomes that are a bit different. (Who says something developed for a purpose can not be used for another purpose.)

Literally, I am the guy given a collection of resource, a dead-line, well defined expectations and I make it happen. (Sometimes I forget to eat, sometimes the solutions are a bit creative - but I get the job done.)

I am the guy that sees a person of obvious lesser means sleeping in the shade of a church's doorway on a hot day. I will take that person a couple of bottles of water and a few sandwiches purchased at the local corner store. Of course, I leave the refreshments near him as I don't want to wake the poor fellow. (I do it not to be 'humane' or 'kind' – but because that person probably needs them. You know; a puzzle with a missing piece.)

Of course all that computer, binary, code, UI, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I have being doing computers professionally for nearly 15 years. (I don't know why I do it – I don't choose it, It has chosen me.)

That is who I am.


Some people take medication to find their sanity - I code.
Some people work to pay rent – I code.
Some people drive fancy cards to meet pretty women – I prefer geeky women.

I do pretty much everything. I avoid graphics. I try not to be limited in 'what I do', by 'what I have done'. Sometimes I am doing; database things, front-end things, network things, site reliability things. Pretty much I do whatever 'has to be done'. When I am lucky I get to do the things that 'can be done'.

In a textbook world the textbook solutions are best. For all the other times there is an Engineer. I have spent the past 15 years making round pegs fit square holes (The true definition of engineering).

Sometimes I get lucky and get to build the textbook-world and write the textbook to go along with it. However, most times we have to do with the tools at our disposal and build the solutions to meet the specification of the real world. That characterizes what I have done for the past 15 years.

Newton asked: How to write 4 in between 5.

  1. Medical Students – Joke!
  2. Science Students – Impossible
  3. Management Students – Google not work
  4. Engineering Students – F(IV)E
(~found on the internet).

Leverage gives the ability to move worlds – or so says Archimedes